Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ribbons, and clips, and bows Oh my!

My adorable niece Zara has some great long bangs that always falls into her face. Even though we try to tie her hair back with a hair band, she always finds a way to take it out! So in comes the hair clippies. Unfortunately, with all small things around a child, small hair clippies have the tendency to fall off or be pulled off. So I decided that I was going to make my niece some awesome hair clips.

The process is really easy, and quite therapeutic when you just have that itch to make something, but don't want to lug out all your gear!

Here's what you need:

Alligator clips or any type of hair clip that you want to use
Hot Glue Gun
Space separator contraption (for diff bow types)

Cut your ribbon to about 3.5in. This will be the piece that covers your hair clip. Start at the back part of your clip and place a dot of glue at the end. Quickly push down on our ribbon to put it in place. Wrap around to the top end of the clip and glue into place.

Your clip is now covered! Yay!

For the ribbon part, you can do 2 things. One is super easy, the other is easy, but might need some pictures to show you how to do it. I'll cover that one in a separate post when I can get some pictures up of the process. (this process requires the space separator contraption listed above!)

So without the special contraption, I will walk you through how to make the easier bow. Take a piece of ribbon, probably about 4 inches long and put glue on one end. and secure the other ribbon end on top of that to form a circle. Place a dot of glue in the middle of your clip and place your ribbon circle on top. place another dot of glue in the middle of that circle, and press the top part of the ribbon down to form a floppy bow. to finish off, wrap another piece of ribbon across the middle and wrap underneath the top part of the clip.

Make sense? I'll follow up with pictures. It's easy, but easier if you have a visual.

Anyway- hope you have time to make clippies for the adorable little girls in your life!

The possibilities are endless!

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