Friday, June 4, 2010

So many hair clips!

I've been on a hair clip kick! I guess it's one of the easier crafts to do since I have a little ribbon holder that houses all the equipment that I need. I decided to make some more hair clips for Zara, and practice with the diff ribbon measurements to see how I want the bows to look. I need to learn how to do different designs. LOL

I gave her like 4 clips when she visited my house today. But I wasn't done yet! I had to make a few more (which you can see in the picture!) Since my glue gun was already on and hot, I decided to make some more flower clips with silk flowers. I bought the flowers a few years back when I decided to start making hair clips. Actually I made my first flower hair clips when my cousin Linell said that one thing she really wanted for her bachelorette party was for all the girls to wear flowers in their hair. And, being Tahitian dancers, we were used to wearing flowers in our hair. The process was really easy. I bought some hair clips, glue gun, flowers and leaves and put them together.

Ever since then, I've kept flower clips readily available so I can just clip my hair up when I don't feel like doing my hair fully or just to add that little bit of oomph.

I had the silk flower stems just waiting to be used, so today I decided to finally use them up. They looked a little lacking as single flowers, so I mostly doubled them up and one of the orchid hair pieces is actually 3 flowers! I love it when it is so full.

I was on a gluing kick... so I decided to make little hair clips with the foamy plumeria flowers Yas let us use for the sorority banquet. I told her I would take them and make them into little hair clips for her little girls. so I did.

Super easy! Really cute, and I think they are a great way to bee crafty without having to lug out your supplies all the time!

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